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DataWidth - a MapInfo-Tool

without DataWidth with DataWidth DataWidth makes it possible to display numerical information of lines or polylines with proportional thickness of these lines. The affect is displayed with two examples on the left side.
The upper picture shows a visualisation, for example generalised costs on links, only with standard labels.
On the lower picture, the thickness of the lines or the penwidth is fitted to the value of the lines.
So DataWidth changes the penwidth of all lines in dependence on one specific data column of your table. DataWidth can handle integer, float and decimal values. You set your minimum and maximum penwidth on the minimum and maximum value of your choosen column.
The compiled tool (MBX-File) will work under all MapInfo Professional versions from 9.0 !
You can find a detailed instruction here: view instructions

DataWidth 0.1 - Trial version

You can download a limited trial version of DataWidth. The trial version changes the penwidth of 10 lines per layer only.
Click here to download: DataWidth_01tr.zip